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2022-03-11 09:46:05 By : Ms. Jackie Xia

According to a tweet from Apple observer and display expert Ross Young, we shouldn’t expect to see the launch of an 11-inch iPad Pro with a mini-LED screen during 2022.

Earlier speculation had suggested that Apple would take the newer display technology from the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and incorporate it into the tablet’s smaller counterpart, too. However, a Twitter account purportedly belonging to the respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has indicated that Apple may not release any mini-LED products at all this side of 2023, due to cost constraints.

Apple may not launch new mini-LED products this year due to cost concerns.

— 郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) March 10, 2022

Furthermore, Young suggested on his own Twitter account that with the 12.9-inch mini-LED iPad Pro “doing really well” for Apple, the Cupertino company didn’t “need” to also offer the display technology on the 11-inch iPad Pro. He stated: “Don’t expect it this year.”

Panel production has started for the new 27" MiniLED display to launch mid year. Assuming it will be called Studio Display Pro…I have insight on the 12.9" MiniLED iPad Pro as well. It is doing really well. They don't need to do one at 11". Don't expect it this year.

— Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) March 10, 2022

The two sizes of iPad Pro share the same M1 Apple silicon chip, camera, and design; the only differences between the variants, apart from size, are their display technologies and battery capacities.

However, if Apple was to give the 11-inch iPad Pro a mini-LED display, this raises the question of whether there would be much to set the two models apart – thereby potentially making the 12.9-inch model a less alluring prospect to many would-be purchasers.

During the time of the launch of the 2021 iPad Pro, Apple explained its reasoning for limiting mini-LED displays to the 12.9-inch model, suggesting that those who chose the larger iPad were likely to be using it to “do their most creative work”, and therefore expected a higher-quality screen.

By contrast, Apple executive Scott Brodrick said that users choosing the 11-inch model “just love bringing a super-powerful iPad with them in a portable one-pound design” – an apparent implication that such buyers aren’t so concerned about having a mini-LED display.

Reports also suggest that OLED display technology will be coming to the iPad in 2024, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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