Love Is Blind: Natalie Reveals What Led To Her & Shayne's Wedding Mishap

2022-03-11 09:46:11 By : Ms. Jacqueline Yang

Love Is Blind's Natalie and Shayne have an event-filled wedding during episode 10. Find out what Natalie said about the events leading up to it.

Natalie Lee has detailed why she ultimately didn't marry Shayne Jansen after accepting his proposal on Love Is Blind  The couple became one of the most-liked duos of season 2, with a majority of viewers convinced that they would successfully walk down the aisle. While Shayne proposed to Natalie after they hit it off in the pods, fans first raised an eyebrow when the 32-year-old mistook her for Shaina Hurley, who eventually got engaged to Kyle Abrams. Shayne's impulsive personality coupled with Natalie's sarcastic remarks were considered a balancing act, especially after Shaina entered the equation. The 32-year-old hairstylist made it clear that she was interested in Shayne despite accepting Kyle's proposal; after breaking things off with Kyle, Shaina attempted to meddle in Natalie and Shayne's relationship to the anger of fans.

Despite Shaina telling Natalie that she could set her up with someone else if things with Shayne didn't work out, Natalie and Shayne's engagement seemed to remain smooth sailing — until the cameras began rolling on their wedding day. Tearfully revealing that the two had argued the night before, Natalie says that Shayne yelled things that struck her to the core, including that he hated her and she was the worst thing to happen to him. While Shayne ended up still saying "I do," Natalie walked back down the aisle alone; in the ensuing discussion outside, Natalie and Shayne bring up the previous night's fight with hardly any specifics. Fans who have already watched the February 25 episode have been surprised at the quick turn of events, especially with little-to-no information shared.

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Speaking with ET about the situation, Natalie gives more context as to what happened that day. Admitting that her unfilmed fight with Shayne was the nail in the coffin for their upcoming nuptials, she says, "It was an accumulation of a lot of different things. I think the pressure of our wedding also played a part [in the fight], of feeling like we have to make a decision really quickly," Revealing that their spat revolved around incompatibility and repressed emotions,  the 29-year-old continued, "It's our different approaches to finances, our different approaches to just general lifestyle. And, I think just the feeling of making a lot of compromises may have gotten to him. And just... and I think he held that in for a bit, and it came out that night."

Up until Natalie and Shayne's pre-wedding argument, the consulting manager was fully prepared to become his wife, telling ET, "Before that fight, I was 100 percent going to say, 'I do'." With their mothers "texting every day after meeting each other," Natalie also confirms that both women were disappointed with the outcome initially, but remain understanding and supportive. In the end, Natalie says that she was able to spot deeper problems in their relationship after watching their first interactions back. Referencing the now-infamous wrong name moment, she says, "I think, just watching that as a viewer, I didn't realize, at the time, how unhealthy that conversation was. For me, watching it, I was like, 'Yeah, that was a red flag.'"

Natalie and Shayne's end on Love Is Blind season 2 has come as a shock and upset those rooting for them; in ET's interview, Natalie doesn't state the status of their relationship now. Luckily (or unluckily), this favorite couple weren't the only ones to break wedding festivities off, as Deepti turned down Shake and Salvador admitted to needing more time to Mallory. With hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey confirming that season 3 has been filmed, fans are already looking forward to the next set of Love Is Blind couples to find love.

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