P5mm LED Display Premium LED Video Wall Display

5.0mm pixel pitch LED display, 1,500 nits (indoor), 1920Hz+/3840Hz+ refresh rateIndoor LED video screenHigh brightness SMD2121/3528 LEDRugged reliability combination designRent or fixed installation application*Silu`s P5mm indoor LED display is a kind of cost-effective 5mm pixel pitch LED video screen to suit various i

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5.0mm pixel pitch LED display, 1,500 nits (indoor), 1920Hz+/3840Hz+ refresh rate

  • Indoor LED video screen
  • High brightness SMD2121/3528 LED
  • Rugged reliability combination design
  • Rent or fixed installation application*

Silu`s P5mm indoor LED display is a kind of cost-effective 5mm pixel pitch LED video screen to suit various indoor applications. It delivers an excellent visual effect in its best viewing distance more than 5 meters at least, it is our P5mm indoor high-quality LED video screen which can be a better visualization solution for any of stage design operators.

The indoor P5mm stage backdrop LED wall display has its advantages by right of suitable pixel pitch and high brightness, it is a unique LED product in the market and kept an irreplaceable position in indoor advertising or performance media applications.

Our P5 indoor LED display adopts high quality LED chip in the form of SMD2121 or SMD3528 LED encapsulation pattern, with a 40000-pixel density per square meters to ensure a clear, vivid showy image and smooth video show in the LED display. 

P5mm Indoor LED Display LED Module Configuration

  • Top Level Famous Brand SMD LED Lamps
  • 2 Layers 1.6mm Thickness Class-A PCB
  • CH2153 or 2038s Performance Driving ICs
  • Strictly Selected Module Frame and Mask
  • Pure Cooper Wire Cables
  • Stable Power and Signal Connectors

P5mm LED Display Screen Good Quality LED Video Wall Display

*P5mm Indoor LED Display LED Module Pic. 01*

P5mm LED Display Screen Good Quality LED Video Wall Display

*P5mm Indoor LED Display LED Module Pic. 02*

P5mm Indoor LED Display LED Cabinet Configuration

  • Aluminium or Steel Material LED Cabinet* (Option)
  • Rugged and Stable LED Cabinet
  • Meanwell Power Supply* (Option)
  • Nova or Colorlight Receiving Card* (Option)
  • Pure Copper Wire Cables
  • Customized Cabinet Size and Colours

P5mm LED Display Screen Good Quality LED Video Wall Display

*P5mm Indoor LED Display 640mm LED Cabinet Pic. 01*

P5mm LED Display Screen Good Quality LED Video Wall Display

*P5mm Indoor LED Display 960mm LED Cabinet Pic. 02*

    P5mm Indoor LED Display Description

    Silu`s P5mm indoor LED display has a unique black package screen face to improve incredible contrast levels, stunning image quality and extremely wide viewing angles without colour distortion.

    By using 3-in-1 SMD2121 LEDs, the P5mm indoor cost-effective LED display delivers seamless vivid images without alignment problems even in lower light brightness.

    By using 3-in-1 SMD3528 LEDs, the P5mm indoor LED display offers high brightness contents in the LED screen to adapt to the changes of high luminance and contrast application environments.

    Excellent Visual Effects

    Ultra-high dynamic contrast and high-quality display, ultra-high-definition perfect picture quality, easily attract attention, greatly enhance the value of advertising, bring you unprecedented visual enjoyment. 

    Owning high brightness more than 1,500nits, Silu`s P5 indoor LED display has a more colourful and attractive image on the screen, what`s more, with an aorizontal/140~160° and a vertical 120~140° viewing angle, the vivid picture or video showing on the screen will hold on your eyes no matter you are standing at any angle.

    High-Quality Colour Processing ICs

    Silu`s P5mm high-performance indoor led display screen make customers more options on high-quality 16-bit driving ICs, like MBI5124, MBI5153, CH2038s and CH2153, to mount a large LED video wall as a perfect balance among the refresh rate, brightness and also pixels, it is always priced within an affordable range.

    About More Features

    5mm pixel pitch LED display surely can bring you a high-definition eye enjoyment feast and our magnet led module with strictly colour calibration and ageing testing before assembling on the LED cabinet can help achieve good colour uniformity, deliver the lifelike animated videos.

    In order to eliminate the ghost and bright borderlines phenomenon, we design the PCB with anti-ghost function, combining with the latest control solution which has the pixel by pixel brightness and grey level automatically adjustment functions.

    The Typical Applications

    Our P5mm Indoor LED Display is widely used in any of indoor shopping malls, movie theatres, hotels, showcases, churches, etc reducing your worry on installation and maintenance space problem.

    P5mm Indoor LED Display Specification

    P5mm Indoor LED Display
    Pixel Pitch5.0mm
    LED BrandNationstar or Cree* or Nichia*
    Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
    Pixel Density40,000 Pixels/m²
    LED Module160/320mm x 160mm (6.3"/12.6" x 6.3")
    32/64 pixels x 32 pixels
    LED Cabinet640mm x 640mm (25.2"x25.2") or 960mm x 960mm (37.8"x37.8")
    (128 pixels x 128 pixels or 192 pixels x 192 pixels)
    Material: Steel or Aluminum
    Steel: < 26Kg or 45Kg (< 57.2 Lbs or 99 Lbs) 
    Aluminum: < 18Kg or 36Kg (< 39.6 Lbs or 79.2 Lbs )
    Working VoltageAC220V±10%; AC110V±10%
    Power ConsumptionAverage 312W/m² / Max 651W/m²
    Maximum Brightness> 1,500 cd/m²
    Refresh Frequency> 1920Hz/3840Hz/S
    Change Frame Frequency60Hz~ >60Hz
    Drive Mode1/16 Scanning
    Total Colors281 Trillion Colors
    Grade LevelRGB 4096 Grade
    Best Viewing Distance5m~>200m (16ft~>650ft)
    Best Viewing AngleHorizontally 160° / Vertically 140°
    Screen Lifetime> 100,000 hours
    Protection LevelFront IP43
    Control System ¹Simple LED Video Control System or Advanced LED Video Processor
    Ambient Temperature-40°C ~ 60°C (-30°F ~ 150°F)
    Relative Humidity10%~90%
    Input SignalRF S-Video RGB RGBHV YUVYC etc.
    Brightness Adjustment256 levels of each colour (RGB) can be adjusted manually and 8 levels of each colour can be adjusted automatically. Optional control system: 256 levels of each colour can be adjusted 100% automatically. (8bit / 16bit / 18bit / 24bit)
    Package MaterialWooden Case / Flight Case
    Warranty ³2 Years (3 Years for Cree and Nichia)
    1. WIFI/LAN/WAN/3G/WIMAX control system is available upon request.
    2. The intelligent multifunctional card is available with an automatic brightness sensor to save energy including an outside temperature sensor.
    3. Three years warranty extension program available for Cost-Effective High-Quality P5mm Indoor LED Display.

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